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Atlanta Emerging as Nation’s Child Prostitution Hub

After years of investigation, recording, surveillance, and convictions, federal authorities have acquiesced to the fact that Atlanta is the leading city in child prostitution cases. After so many years of aggressive campaigns and advocacies, it is unfortunate to learn that there’s still almost five hundred child and minor prostitutes in Atlanta and majority of this number are people aged 14 or younger.

A lot of prostitution laws were changed and Atlanta PD even created a special task force in order to curb the problem. The public were even invited in meetings and forums to share whatever they can. But still, the problem looms and there’s no stopping for this very lucrative business.

The main issue in Atlanta is that many young women are becoming more stable as soon as they enter the prostitution trade. What happens is that children below 18 who find life miserable and money absent resort to prostitution in order to be independent and self-sufficing. After which they eventually develop a strong and loyal bond with a pimp who looks for the customers for her.

As a manifestation of trust and loyalty, child prostitutes often do not cooperate with the police when they are caught. They are keener to protecting their jobs as well as the identities of their pimps.

As for crime networks that run the show there is always bigger money in child prostitution. In a way they become more confident when using children since they are easier to convince, intimidate, or deceive.

The problem is in fact growing for the entire state of Georgia. Without anyone providing an aggressive attention and solution towards the issue, we might be expecting a hundred percent increase in the number of child prostitutes in the state in no time and that’s horrible.

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Dave Long
Wednesday, 19 January 2011


sick sick sick! I went out with a group that fights this. They go looking for girls every Friday night. We need more groups like them if we want to ever stop this
Friday, 27 May 2011


Why are we messing around with these scum? The fact that this guy is still alive shows how messed up our system of justice has become. He should already have been executed. I am surprised there are no stories in the news about people making a living killing P I M P S in this country. You could make some good money. They carry a lot of cash and are probably armed to boot, so if you shoot one before they know what is going on and later get caught by the police, you can claim self defense. You could probably make a couple thousand off each P I M P easy. If there are alot fewer P I M P S after awhile, you can feel good for helping society and making a few dollars to boot in this tough economy. The only real trick is making sure that they are not an undercover cop. Who wants that on their conscience?
defense attorney Harris County
Friday, 11 May 2012

Child prostitution is one of the most pressing concerns that our society have. Efforts should be continuously done so that this criminal act can be ended. On the other hand, those children who are rescued from this industry should be given a fresh start so that they can recover from this very traumatic experience.
Jill Watson
Thursday, 09 August 2012

Mostly, the police found and arrested adult prostitutes and pimps. When the police go after underage prostitutes they mostly find and arrest adult prostitutes and johns. Why are the police wasting their time on adult prostitutes? Instead of spending that time going after underage prostitutes?

Why aren’t the police finding millions of children forced against their will to have sex for money? Because their aren’t millions of them. And what proof do they have that they were forced against their will?

Why are the police just finding, and arresting consensual adults? Because the child victims either don’t exist or are very few in number. They use the excuse of children to arrest consenting adults. If they are just after children, they why don’t they leave the consenting adults alone? The police arrest the consenting adults that they find Why?

If there is no children involved – why arrest the consenting adult prostitutes, johns, and pimps? They are no children involved? Why are the police wasting their time on adult prostitutes? Instead of spending that time going after underage prostitutes? Because the police are mostly after adult prostitutes, not children.

Were all the underage prostitutes forced and raped? crying, kicking and screaming while being forced, against their will to have sex for money?

If a prostitute is 17 and under the age of 18, she can not give legal consent. So, she could have wanted to be a prostitute, and given consent for sex, but since she is underage, she can not give legal consent, so legally she was “forced” even if she gives total consent to sex and it was consensual - she was “forced” according to the court and justice system. There is a BIG difference between being legally “forced” and truly being physically forced against someone’s will.

This gives the impression that all prostitutes under the age of 18 are “forced” when they may in fact, not have been. If fact, if two people who are both 17 years old have sex, they both are legally considered to be victims and sex predators at the same time. It is strange how the justice system works.

Here is a good article from the Washington Post about this:

Human Trafficking Evokes Outrage, Little Evidence
U.S. Estimates Thousands of Victims, But Efforts to Find Them Fall Short
By Jerry Markon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, September 23, 2007

There is hard evidence that the sex slavery/sex trafficking issue continues to report false information and is greatly exaggerated by politicians, that receive fund from the government.

When the police arrest customers of prostitutes and the prostitutes themselves:
They try to get the adult women prostitutes to say that they were forced and victims of sex trafficking even though they weren’t.
These adult women just flat out say, ‘Nope, that’s not what’s happening.’ No one is forcing me”
Then the U.S. Attorney general, senators, the police and government officials say:
“We have to help them realize they are victims,”
They must be brainwashed by their pimps, and johns.
They say that adult women do not have the ability to make decisions for themselves about sex, therefore
The government must make all their decisions about sex and who they have sex with for them.
So… the police are trying to invent victims? Where no victim exist?
The adult women say that no one is forcing them to work in prostitution and the police don’t believe them?
So the police want these adult women to lie? and the police are forcing the women to lie about being forced?
I thought lying was wrong? And isn’t it against the law to lie? -Not for the police, attorney general and other government officials.
Deborrah Cooper
Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Social Researcher

Jill Watson, you sound delusional. You also sound very defensive, like a pimp attempting to justify your business dealing with child prostitution. Since no one under the age of 18 can give consent, it doesn't matter what the child may have been coerced to do for food, clothing, shelter or "love". They are incapable under the law of giving consent, signing contracts, buying booze or cigarettes, or voting. There are laws in place to protect children. So no amount of your fancy word slinging and concept flipping is going to fly here. They were kids. Adult men had sex with them. It's against the law. Men who have sex with chiildren need to be arrested and imprisoned for it. For a long, long time.

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Saturday, 24 February 2018


Deborrah Cooper said,
  Jill Watson, you sound delusional. You also sound very defensive, like a pimp at  
Jeannie said,
  how do I find out if my niece is lieing about being molested by my husband? What  
Bruce Nelson said,
  How about publishing it in epub format - readable on many other ereaders? Why?  

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