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Events That Lead to False Allegations of Child Molestation

What are the instances of children and teens falsely accusing a person of sexual abuse or molestation?

There are a lot of circumstances when children and even teens make up stories to accuse a person of sexually abusing or molesting them. While we cannot deny the fact that thousands of minors are sexually abused each year, there is a certain number of the accusations filed in court that are either unsubstantiated or just a false allegation. By discussing the events that result to wrong accusations, we are not telling the people that the problem of child sexual abuse does not really exist. It actually does. However, not all of the accusations are true. And sad to say, not all of those convicted are guilty.

Instances That Lead to False Accusations:

1. Child sex abuse allegations in divorce are very common occurrence in the United States. Couples who end their marriages in a bitter way struggle to agree on the custody of their children. As a result, wives use their own children as leverage to gain custody. They force their children to accuse their father of sexual abuse. As a result, right of custody is given to the mother.

2. False allegations of sexual abuse and molestation also happen when children hear about it from fellows kids, be it their friends, classmates, or relatives. Kids at a young age love to emulate. As soon as they get to hear about their friend who was sexually abused, they can also falsely accuse someone and tell others that they too have been abused.

3. Children need attention, and when they don’t get it, they are capable of doing some crazy things like falsely accusing their mom or dad of molestation. Being neglected or ignored is a strong motivational factor for them to start fabricating stories and making up false accusations.

4. For teenagers, false allegation becomes their way out of a strict child-father relationship. Teens may wrongly accuse their father or mother of sexually abusing them just to get out of a very strict and sometime unfair type of upbringing. What usually happens in this scenario is that by the time the teen gets out of the house and the parent already convicted, the former then confesses about the false accusation.

5. Lastly, false accusations of child molestation can also be a result of media stereotyping. The kind of content kids see on TV and the internet makes them overly acquainted with sexual issues, acts, and topics. As a result, they get the tendency to overreact when someone touches them.

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Friday, 02 December 2011

I wanted to share a story of an 11 year old girl, allegedly a "victim". I could send you the link, but it is important to have you read the full story. Larkspur is in Marin County CA. Marin county is just over the Golden Gate Bridge, and the most affluent county in CA's 58 counties. Homes "start" about 750k (no land) and go up. Most teens are spoiled, school parking lots are filled with Benz,BMW's etc.. The story..........................

Police: Child fabricated report of attempted abduction in Larkspur

By Mark Prado
Marin Independent Journal
Posted: 11/30/2011 08:01:01 PM PST

Twin Cities police said a reported child abduction attempt Wednesday night in Larkspur was fabricated by a child who said she made up the story to get attention.

An 11-year-old girl initially told police Wednesday night that at about 7 p.m., near the Marin Brewing Company at 1809 Larkspur Landing Circle, a man came out of an elevator, approached a group of six children, and grabbed her by the arm.

But after subsequent police interviews with the girl on Thursday it was determined that she made up the story, and that nobody tried to abduct her. She told police she made up the story to get attention.

She said she did see a man walking outside of the restaurant but he did not approach her, talk to her or attempt to grab her, police said in a statement issued Thursday.

"She has apologized and she knows what she did was wrong, she knows it got out of hand," said Twin Cities police Detective Michael Mejia, who has spoken to the girl's father about counseling. The child's school is also taking a role. "I spoke to her this morning and I told her we are not mad at her."

Abduction/abuse of minor children here and all over are taken seriously by law enforcement, and should be. Read the last line, the comment by the police. Put the shoe on the other foot, and the accused would have been taken off to jail no questions asked.
Read the comment from the Twin Cities Police officer..........."We are not mad at her"

As a victim of false allegations, and I repeat myself again, the courts, judges/DA's have to make a concerted effort to differentiate false from true allegations.
vicki squires
Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Justice for my brother

My brother has been falsely accused of molesting his son who is 16, which stems from an ugly divorce and has cost him everything and it's not over yet.

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Sunday, 25 February 2018


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  Jill Watson, you sound delusional. You also sound very defensive, like a pimp at  
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  how do I find out if my niece is lieing about being molested by my husband? What  
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  How about publishing it in epub format - readable on many other ereaders? Why?  

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