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Is Child Trafficking a Growing US Domestic Problem?

Most of us think children in developing countries are the usual victims of child trafficking and exploitation, right? But what if I tell you that the likelihood of an American teen, child or minor being trafficked or sexually abused is the same as those of anyone in poorer countries?

As dwellers of this prosperous and developed nation, we always have the notion that there are more people victimized by human trafficking in impoverished countries than in the United States. But statistics don’t lie, and it says otherwise. Not because our nation is rich that it also means we aren’t having trafficking issues.

In fact, the Department of Justice has released data stating that more than 250,000 American children and teens are at high risk of being subjected to domestic trafficking primarily for sexual trade and exploitation. Sex trafficking is both a last resort for children without families and relatives to help them and a big business for sex trafficking rings.

So does this mean child trafficking is an emerging social issue for Americans? I think so. Most of us deny such reality simply because it’s more forbearing to hear a child from Cambodia being trafficked than a kid from Cleveland. We do not invite the idea that more and more American teens are subjected to commercial sex trade because it’s the kind of issue that’s pretty much associated with inferior nations.

In reality however, the number of victims have increased dramatically and that includes not only domestic trafficking but also those who are shipped into the US from other countries. Because of the internet edge, sex offenders get the kind of medium they need to conduct business more discreetly and far from the hands of federal and state laws.

02.24.2018 | Guest


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Saturday, 24 February 2018


Deborrah Cooper said,
  Jill Watson, you sound delusional. You also sound very defensive, like a pimp at  
Jeannie said,
  how do I find out if my niece is lieing about being molested by my husband? What  
Bruce Nelson said,
  How about publishing it in epub format - readable on many other ereaders? Why?  

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