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Getting Out of Prostitution

Get Help NowAre You Trapped in Prostitution?
What to do if you are trapped in child prostitution: Make up your mind to leave. We know from research and anecdotal evidence that the vast majority of prostitutes do not want to be doing what they are doing. Leaving can be difficult and even dangerous, but in order to live your life, you hav...

It's Not as Easy to get out as it is getting in...


For teenagers and minors who have resorted to prostitution to escape something or someone, being in it is much more than money; it is a profession and a lifestyle at the same time. It is connected to them in the same way drugs are for the addicted. Thus, it is far more difficult to leave and back out of prostitution when you have nothing else to stand by aside from it.


Child trafficking is rampant in the United States and although there are a small amount of cases of child labor and slavery, victims are mostly trafficked for the purpose of prostitution. And what’s very disturbing about this problem is that entering the trade is very easy because there is no need for prior experience, qualifications, age requirement, skills, and abilities. As long as there is a certain risk factor present in the specific situation of the victim, she will likely enter prostitution, even if it’s against her will. When it comes to poverty as a risk factor, prostitution is an immediate solution. It can provide instant money and makes the teen or minor more independent and self-sufficing.


The reality is making a successful exit is very hard for anyone who has been relying on it for years, although they actually feel guilty and disgusted about what they’ve been doing.


There are varying and distinct reasons why children and teens turn to prostitution. Consequently, there are also reasons why they want to get out of it. This may seem ironic, but both are actually connected. Some of the risk factors or reasons why children are lured to prostitution are poverty, prior sexual abuse experience, drug and alcohol abuse, lack of education, and family problems. If your children are subjected to any of these risk factors, there’s a very high possibility of them running away from home and eventually getting deceived by pimps and traffickers.


As soon as a child or teen is subjected to the prostitution trade, there is no turning back. Though at first it seems like it is the only means of survival through the earning of money for food and shelter, it actually creates a sort of stagnancy and cowardice on the child or teen – for now she acquiesces that there’s nothing more she can do in order to survive than to stick to prostitution.


Young victims suffer greatly. This may include physical and emotional trauma, stress, injuries, depression, and even mental and behavioral disorders. Because of the various kinds of pain, there is a variety of emotional, physical, and psychological damage inflicted on the victim and this makes everything a lot more difficult to leave the routine.


Additionally, the majority of child prostitutes are also addicted to either alcohol or drugs. If they decide to leave prostitution behind, there’s the fear of losing access to these vices. And if they overcome the addiction, there is another brick wall in the form of fear – fear that no one will accept them or no family will welcome them back in case they decide to change for good. For these unfortunate victims, life is no good at the onset of entering the business of prostitution.


But there is hope…


Helping victims of prostitution is not as easy as it seems. It involves a very tedious process that includes providing care and love for the victim. If you are tasked to transform prostitutes into reformed individuals, you should look at each subject as a friend, a member of the family, or someone very close. By having this type of mentality, emotional attachment is present. When it exists, there’s a greater chance for a successful exit.

Recovery is not impossible. It is in fact very feasible provided there is a high level of interest, willingness, and desperation on the part of the child victim. Furthermore, it can even be easier if there is an immediate family who can provide support and hope. Each person concerned should express and offer an open heart and believe that change and transformation shall take place.


It’s also important to note that virtually all adult prostitutes started out as child prostitutes. They deserve just as much help in getting free as child victims, since they are, in a sense, child victims themselves.

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