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Child Prostitution in America

Is Child Prostitution in America?

Children are most susceptible to trafficking. This notion is attributed to the fact that they are very weak and can simply be lured, deceived, and exploited by other people who seek to use them in slavery and prostitution. Since most of them are not aware of their natural and inherent rights as human beings, they lack the initiative to ask for them, thus, making them subject to violation of the same rights. We come to think that undeveloped countries have the highest rates of child trafficking and exploitation, but mind you, the United States isn’t completely free of it. In fact, the number of children trafficked each year in this country has increased dramatically and a majority of cases are credited to prostitution.


 Child Trafficking = Child Prostitution

In most countries where trafficking of persons is widespread, the destination of each victim varies. While some are shipped to different areas to work for hard labor, others are may be used as soldiers or fighters for ongoing domestic conflicts.


But in America, a large number of cases are focused on prostitution. That is why when we talk about child trafficking in this part of the world; it is chiefly focused on prostitution.


By definition, child trafficking is the method of enlisting and recruiting minors by means of force, intimidation, deceit, and fear in order to exploit them. Although society considers children as a group that needs to be taken care of because of their innocence and lack of knowledge about their rights, traffickers instead use these weaknesses in order to promote their trade. The lack of strength of the child to fight for his/her own rights and well-being is the strongest weapon used against them.


In prostitution, the child is trafficked in order to render sexual favors and services to clients. Just like any other kind of exploitation towards children, it is characterized primarily by severe physical, emotional, and psychological abuse. The kind of trauma obtained right after being lured to prostitution is unimaginable. For those who are able to escape the trade, memories of the experience may even keep on haunting decades after, and for some, their entire life.


Prostitution in America

There is no definite explanation as to why prostitution is gaining strong ground in this country. But if we dig deeper on any probable cause, it is easier to acquiesce that this type of crime is not exclusive to countries in Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe.


If you have gone to prostitution dens in Asia or Europe, you will be greeted with a sad reality that the majority of those who provide sexual services are either children or teens. While child prostitutes are Asians or eastern Europeans, clients are chiefly Americans or Australians. If you don’t buy this, go and visit Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, or the Philippines and you’ll find lots of Western “tourists” hanging out in bars and brothels with their minor or teenage companions. And what’s very disturbing about this is that these areas are becoming a sort of “sex tourism” hotbed. The governments are increasing their tolerance towards the trade because of the potential income brought by it.


While prostitution is pretty obvious and “accepted” in many impoverished countries, it is still considered as a serious crime in America. But why are there an increasing number of child prostitution cases here? Well, there’s no denying that most of the risk factors involved in it are gradually creeping American society.

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