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The Issue of Pornography in Video Gaming

What happens when internet and video game consoles combine?

Video gaming is a big part of American culture. The fun experience a child or teen gets from it make it one of the most popular forms of entertainment. This is also the reason why parents often give in and buy a game console for their children as soon as they start begging for it.

As the name implies, video games are originally about providing children, teens, and adults an interactive gaming experience with the benefits of advanced technology in computer and video. Among all types of media, game consoles are the most popular and in demand these days. The three giant names are Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii.


Though it gives parents the benefit of always knowing where their kids are, a lot of them don’t realize the dangers these games present to children and teens. What we are referring to here is the newest integration of the web and internet to almost all kinds of video game consoles.

What’s the big deal if your child’s gaming console has internet in it? In reality, parents should be concerned. For many years now, people have turned against video gaming because so many games contain graphic images and profane language that encourage violence and aggressive behavior. However, that’s not the issue we’re dealing with. What we are trying to address is a distinct, separate, and perhaps more disturbing matter.


As we said earlier, the internet functionality of a game console poses future problems for parents. But before we go into that, there is a need to understand why should a standard video gaming device be connected online in the first place?


Gaming today has become so advanced that people don’t limit their experience at home. What’s more popular these days is interactive gaming. It is an innovation where anyone can play any type of game together or against someone online. And if you want to play with your gaming buddy online, the only means to do that is through internet access. And whenever there is web connection, it is pretty sure that there is also unfiltered use.

When your child’s gaming console has access to the net, he can use it to browse and find some material online that aren’t supposed to be at his possession. This means pornography. No matter how hard we deny it, teens are really at a stage where they are pretty much confused and curious about sexuality. Their basic instinct tells them that they should explore more on this issue and even though that’s normal, there are always some restrictions to such curiosity. The main reason why parents and families use filter software and programs in their computers is to monitor the use of the internet and computer by the younger members of the family. The web itself is a breeding ground of all things bad and that includes pornography.


But the problem is teens, as stubborn as they are, will always find a way to get full access to the net, which is normally a part of their inherent curiosity. So by the time they realize that they are being monitored using the desktop computer, they find a remedy to access pornography through the use of the game console. When this happens, it will cost you a lot of trouble and concern. By then, you’ll be lucky to find out what your teen is doing online since web access through a gaming console is untraceable by the filtering software on your desktop.


Although this new trend seems not that prevalent as of now, our main emphasis here is that parents should be aware. Just like we never predicted how bad television and music could be for our children, we also don’t have the power to determine preemptively how this emerging problem will affect our teens in the future. But one thing is for sure, this has to be stopped. For some parents, this may mean removing gaming consoles from the house if there’s a suspicion of porn viewing.


The best thing one can do right now is monitoring. Parents can always talk to the child or teen about what types of games he loves to play. They can list and note the usual time of the day he plays so that they can also be there to monitor him. There can be times when teens get a way to slip through your guard, but as long as you push through with constant monitoring, they are left with no opportunities to get into trouble.


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