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Child Sexual Abuse

Child Molestation can have many different definitions, but we refer to it as a crime involving a range of sexual activities between an adult and a teenager or child.


It can also occur when an older teen victimizes a younger teen or child. Sexual activities can include but are not limited to: sexual fondling or touching of breasts, bottom or genitals, oral to genital contact and oral to anal contact, exposing of genitals, taking pornographic pictures and rape (intercourse).


If you or someone you know is being molested or has been molested, please read on to find help and hope for healing.

What to do if you are being molested
Get one thing clear in your head - It was not your fault . No matter what the circumstances are, you have been victimized and the person who did this to you needs to be brought to justice. Contact law enforcement immediately. You don’t have to call 911, but you do need to tell the police. They can make it stop and take you out of the situation. Or call the National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1.800.656.HOPE If the molester is threatening you, this is his attempt to keep you under control. He knows as soon as you tell someone,...Read More >>
Things you should know about Child Molestation
Child molestation can be perpetrated by parents, family members, family friends or acquaintance molesters (i.e. teachers, coaches, etc.) Acquaintance molesters begin as strangers and then “groom” the child in a process that gains their trust Acquaintance molesters also find jobs that give them access to children and a position of authority, such as coaches, teachers, clergy, etc. Molesters use gifts, threats and lies to control their victims. Once they are exposed they lose all their control and power. Molestation can happen to anyone, but in the U.S. it disproportionately affects our youth. In the span of a year of sexual assault...Read More >>
Child Molestation Grooming Process: Knowing the Steps and Preventing Them
Child sex offenders possess the ability to groom their victims so as to eliminate any suspicion before beginning their attack. They do this by engaging the victim and gaining trust. Manipulation is direct and most of the time, very effective. The child is subjected to different techniques that have the dual objective of weakening his/her defense and deceiving him/her to trust the offender. The grooming process even goes to the extent of convincing the parents or caretakers that the offender is a friendly and wholesome individual.   As parents, we need to know the common techniques used by offenders in grooming children...Read More >>
The Ways on How Molesters Groom Their Victims and How...
Intervention and prevention are the first things on your mind right after you realize that your child is vulnerable to molestation. Some may question whether or not their kid is in danger of being abused and molested in the first place. The sad fact is, children from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds are at risk for sexual abuse from molesters.[i] However, as parents and caretakers you can become aware of the grooming process in order to more easily recognize it and save your child’s innocence. Pedophiles and predators have a certain pattern in grooming their victims. The entire process is...Read More >>
Child Sexual Abuse
Signs of a Molested Child These signs are not an exact list, but rather a guideline that should alert any parent or guardian to the possibility of their child being molested. The list is from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. {sidebar id=3} There are changes in behavior such as extreme mood swings and excessive crying Bed wetting, nightmares and other sleep disturbances Acting out sexual activity or inappropriate knowledge of sexual activity Sudden aggressive or rebellious behavior  Regression to infantile behavior, clinging Problems at school Changes in toilet-training habits Fear of certain places, people or activities Poorly explained injuries like...Read More >>
Molestation within FamiliesChild sexual abuse is a prevalent issue in the United States and even within the Christian church. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before age 18. This is an epidemic. Molestation is a kind of sexual abuse that comes in different forms. It involves consistent sexual contact with a victim that is usually an acquaintance. Other equally disturbing forms of child sex abuse are child pornography and prostitution.   Nonetheless, there’s one form that is especially revolting and shocking – it may even be called demonic by some. Intra-familial molestation is the act of sexually...Read More >>
Stockholm SndromeWhat happened in a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973 lead to the discovery of a certain human condition called “Stockholm Syndrome.” There’s actually no definite scientific explanation or proof about the existence of this behavior but the emergence of cases that manifest it are startling many people including psychologists, scientists, and criminologists.   By definition, it is a paradoxical psychological phenomenon that happens when a victim feels, expresses, and manifests adoration towards her abuser. What’s very intriguing and perhaps disturbing about this behavior is that the victim, as it usually appears, should have a feeling of fear and anger...Read More >>
False Accusations: The Difference between Digging the Truth and Validating...In child molestation cases, there is a very fine line that separates truth from fabrication. In reality, this line is very difficult to identify because it is very atypical, if not impossible to find people who can see it. What we mean is that it is very difficult to find a detective, agent, investigator, or police officer in the United States who has advanced training skills in conducting and handling child molestation cases and interviews.   The crime itself is new compared to the more prevalent and heinous offenses. The rise of child molestation cases in the country is attributed much...Read More >>
False Accusations and Child Abuse InvestigationsIt is a common misconception that the child’s therapist or a social worker is the most effective interviewer for an alleged child victim of molestation and abuse. But in reality, what transpires is a series of information that’s tainted and biased.   The problem with the present societal norms is that when it comes to accusations of child molestation, there is enormous condemnation towards the accused and a rather publicized campaign to put the offender and molester behind bars. There is nothing wrong with it if the accused is actually guilty. But what if he’s not? What if he is an...Read More >>

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