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How Online Predators Reach Your Child

When it comes to online exploitation, predators have mastered using the internet. The convenience of communication has benefited not just those who want to establish wholesome and healthy correspondence, but also those who seek to exploit and abuse others. For instance, children and teens use modern conveniences such as social networking sites, instant messaging, forums, and chat as ways to find friends. But as they engage in them, they also become very vulnerable and open for predators searching for their potential prey. These perverted individuals will try to grab your child’s attention by talking and conversing in a very likeable but deceitful manner.


At first glance, what takes place is just like a typical building of friendship. The predator begins by asking questions and sharing likes and interests. Without any kind of monitoring, the child begins to like and trust the predator Quotation the child begins to like and trust the predator Quotation
and eventually creates a friendship bond.

In a few chatting sessions, the offender and the victim start to share problems, daily updates, thoughts, and personal stuff. Though everything seems perfectly normal, what really takes place is a kind of personality reading done by the predator in order to dig deeper on the possible vulnerabilities and weakness of the child.


Communication between the potential victim and the predator may last for weeks without anyone noticing it. This is where the seduction begins. By giving presents, showing affection and care, the predator is able to insert sexually explicit stuff to the relationship. Because of the inherent innocence, the child believes there’s nothing wrong with it, or the child is afraid to tell parents or guardians because of the fear of getting into trouble. After all, they have built this friendship and in their minds they take on responsibility for their own exploitation. That’s all part of the predator’s plan. It’s all part of the psychological manipulation. And the worst scenario is when your child is convinced by the predator to meet in person.


Parents Should Be More Cautious This Time

The things and events just mentioned are particularly disturbing, right? No parent in this world would want their children to meet a total stranger, especially someone who seeks to abuse and exploit them. Thus, you should be more careful in terms of giving your kids freedom from using the web. Since the internet is the main tool used by online predators, every child should be taught of the impending dangers brought by it. Think of it this way – young children do not have the ability to determine if someone is manipulating them. So it is your job to protect them. But if physical contact is ever made with the predator, never blame your child. Remember that when they are manipulated, they don’t have any sort of control. So never punish or blame them since the next time a threat appears over the net, a child will hesitate to tell the parent for the fear of being blamed or scolded.


Remember, if this happens to your child, a crime has occurred. One of the best things you can do is report this crime to the proper authorities. You can contact your local police, but there are also national sites, such as the cyber tip line from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The link is Once your there, click on the “Cyber Tipline” link and you can create a report that will help the police track down and bring the predator to justice.

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