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Internet: Making it Easier for Online Predators to Strike

Children are always subject to threat, abuse, and exploitation wherever they go, but they are especially vulnerable on the internet. As a parent, you have to admit that online child predators are a real problem that should not be ignored or understated. Unlike the usual types of criminals, these people are experts in manipulating children and teenagers using their innocence and naiveté.


But unlike before, crimes against children are no longer situated in a certain area or vicinity. You cannot tell which specific city or neighborhood an online predator will strike since everything becomes random – thanks to the internet.


By way of the web, a predator doesn’t have to deal with anyone who’s guarding or close to the potential victim. The reason for this is that roughly half of American children these days have complete and unmonitored access to the internetQuotation half of American children these days have complete and unmonitored access to the internetQuotation
. No particular adult is there to guide and monitor them in web surfing. Moreover, there’s also no risk of finding out the identity of the offender since they can simply use a fake name or assume someone else‘s identity.


And the most worrying thing about them is that they have a very good ability to lure and deceive your child to talk, communicate, and eventually meet in person. Now you wouldn’t want that to happen to your child, would you?


Of course you wouldn’t. That may be part of the reason why you’re here. The good news is, you do have the power to protect your children. It’s not a hopeless situation. Once you are fully informed as to how predators go about reaching children and ways that they try to victimize them, you can choose the best steps to take that will create a much safer environment for them online.

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