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Signs Your Child Is Communicating with an Online Predator

Spending Too Much Time Online

A recent study found that the majority of victims of online predators were previously given total freedom when it came to internet access. This fact entails that when a child spends too much time online, he becomes a lot more vulnerable to online predators. Instead of spending much of their time with friends in the neighborhood or perhaps hanging out with people at school, they devote it to communicating with total strangers on the web using social networking sites, chat rooms, instant messaging, and forums. Eventually, this is where they are found by predators and pedophiles.

Parents should take a second look at the internet access of their children. For instance, many kids are fond of staying up late at night facing the computer. At this time, there is no one who can monitor and control what they are getting from the web. So it is perhaps better to make some rules and guidelines limiting children from web access just to make sure no one’s creeping in to abuse and exploit them. Also, as always, we stress that you should never have a computer in your child’s room.


Finding Sexually Explicit Material in Your Kid’s Computer

If you suddenly find some pornographic or sexual content on your child’s desktop, then you must be worried. It is very uncommon for children to be interested in that type of material because of their age, so if you do find some, that may mean someone is providing him with it. But what’s really frightening about it is that he may have fallen victim to an online predator.

These people use pornographic material to orient the prospective victim of things to come. Since a child does not have any idea that it can potentially lead to sexual abuse, you must be there first to educate him about it before an online predator beats you there. Building an open communication and discussion with your kids about sex issues is vital in order to protect them from getting preyed on by predators.


Someone Tries to Call Your Child via Mobile or Landline

An online predator goes as far as calling your home number just to hear the victim’s voice. The urge to finally meet your child is getting onto him fast and he becomes uneasy settling with online chatting. While some are seeking to establish sexual conversations, others are primarily calling in an attempt to meet up in person. A few calls may only consist of complementary stuff and a proof that the person is for real. When tolerated, the proceeding phone calls may consist of the offender trying to give the child instructions as to their meeting time and place. He will insist on keeping the agreement between them and the child is made to believe that’s no big deal.

While certain calls may come from friends and people at school, you still need to keep a sharp eye on your child’s gesture and attitude while receiving those calls. If he seems anxious and nervous while whispering on the phone, then there’s really something fishy going on.


Your Child Suddenly Becomes an Introvert within the Family

Most of the time, children become high risk victims of online predators because they suffer from a certain emotional detachment within the family. This may be caused by several factors like domestic conflict, neglect, abuse from a family member, and being unwanted.

Because of this, they spend most of their time browsing the internet in the hope of finding better company. So it is here that an online predator asserts himself. He plays the role of hero to the child – making him feel that he’s there for him when the family’s not. He eventually builds a rift between the parents and their child. And as soon as he is able to get hold of the trust of the potential prey, it is easier to carry out the aim of meeting up and finally commence on the abuse and exploitation.

While most of us agree that our children are constantly at risk from online predators, there are still many parents who ignore it. As long as they keep on denying the actual state of online child exploitation and abuse, there’s no stopping for these online predators from carrying out their practice.

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